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Do I place my order in advance?
Yes. To ensure freshness our cookies are made to order. We have a tight baking schedule with each day planned out. We require a minimum of 48 to 72 hours notice.

What if I have nut or gluten allergies? *
The Last Crumb is NOT a nut or gluten free kitchen. Our cookies are made using equipment and utensils, which produce products that contain peanuts and or tree nuts. Also our cookies contain flour and dairy, which may not be suitable for people with gluten and dairy allergies.  We recommend that customers with severe allergies err on the side of caution.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?
Due to the fact that our cookies are made to order, a minimum per flavor is required. Minimum requirements are listed on the menu page.

Do you require orders be pre-paid.
Every cookie we bake is made to order. For that reason we kindly request payment in advance.

Are charitable donations available?
The Last Crumb supports a variety of causes and has donated to charitable organizations. For inquiries related to charitable donations please contact us.

Do you offer any cookies that are Gluten Free or Vegan? (Please see note above regarding gluten allergies. *)
The Last Crumb is NOT a gluten free kitchen, however we do offer a few gluten free choices such as Italian Amaretto, Cranberry Orange Zest Coconut, White Chocolate Cloud, and Coconut Macaroons, but again these are made in a kitchen that is NOT Gluten Free.

What is the shelf life of your cookies?
Our shortbread cookies have a nice shelf life due to plenty of butter. If you keep them sealed they can stay fresh up to 2 – 3 weeks. All other cookies can stay fresh up to approx 5 days if kept sealed in an airtight container. For cookies with buttercream and ganache such as the Spicy Ginger with Grapefruit Crème and our Fudge Brownies with Chocolate Ganache Frosting, they should keep well if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to approx. 4 days. Remove from the refrigerator approx 2 hours before serving.


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