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Unique Recipes as well as the Classics...
Always freshly baked. Only the finest ingredients. The Last Crumb Cookies and Sweets offers not only your classic favorites but also tempts you to try something unique and exciting. From Chocolate Chip to Spicy Ginger with Grapefruit Crème, we have something for everyone’s taste buds.

The Last Crumb Cookies and Sweets was created out of my intense sweet tooth, combined with my passion for cooking, wine and travel. I’ve dedicated years to studying the complexity of wine and through my studies, developed a fascination with pairing food and wine. There is nothing better than finding the perfect flavor combination, whether it’s pinot noir with roasted chicken, port with dark chocolate or milk with cookies. In my travels, it is impossible to pass a bakery or walk through a farmer’s market without stopping to sample the local favorites… especially the cookies. My experiences abroad definitely influence the wonderful recipes I use. My daughter Samantha introduced me to Alfajores after a trip she took to Argentina. Our Shortbread with Dulce de Leche with a kiss of sea salt recipe is an Alfajore with a twist! So yummy!

I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband Mark who gives me tremendous support and encouragement everyday.  He's definitely my biggest fan and without him The Last Crumb wouldn't exist.

Thank you for your interest in The Last Crumb. We look forward to seeing you at your local farmer’s market or simply place an order by phone or online.

All the best,
Debra Kabarsky


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